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I Have This Thing with Earrings

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I’m gonna go ahead and say it — earrings might be my favorite pieces of jewelry to wear and to design. You can easily swap them out to match your mood, they can add a splash of color and drama to any outfit, and they’re like little pieces of art framing your face. 

I am picky, though, about how much they weigh. I like wearing earrings for the day without having to give my ears a rest, so when I’m designing them for each collection I’m always testing and adjusting them to meet that criteria. I carved multiple versions of the Halo Hoops until they were light enough, I use hollow snake chain in the Undercurrent Earrings so they feel weightless, and the Galaxy Earrings are convertible so you can wear only the stud but still have the option to go more dramatic for dinner parties and date nights. 

I’d love for you to see the end results of all that fine tuning — check out all the earrings I make and come try some on at my next market!