Sara Golden Jewelry

About Sara Golden

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Sara Golden is an independent jewelry designer making every piece by hand in a small studio in the Catskill Mountains. She strives to make high quality, long-lasting jewelry out of beautiful materials and traditional techniques. She’s also inspired by the imperfect beauty of nature, the unique personality of each material she works with, and anything that sparkles.

Sara began her jewelry bench training in Florence, Italy, and built on those foundations back in the US at different studios in and around New York City. Through jewelry design jobs at companies like J. Crew, Kate Spade, and Lele Sadoughi, she was able to refine her aesthetic and design skills, but grew disillusioned with the products she was designing, jewelry meant to be forgotten about in a few weeks. Colored plastics imitating real stones were glued in place, metals were low quality and easily breakable, and the need to meet numbers and fill stores with stuff to sell outweighed good, valuable design, and quality construction.

She moved to Phoenicia, NY in 2015, which was the impetus for starting her own company where she could do things differently. Sara returned to fabricating her own designs, using the techniques she learned during her apprenticeship in Florence, to make jewelry the right way.

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Most of her pieces start as wax carvings which, once cast, she assembles and finishes in her studio. She sets all stones by hand, using only genuine precious and semi-precious stones; the variety of colors and patterns are beautiful, random accidents by nature, and each specimen has its own story to tell. Sara uses only high quality metals, brass, sterling silver, and gold because of their durability, and finishes some pieces with a extra-thick gold or silver plating in order to achieve more dramatic designs at an accessible price point.