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Caring for Your Opals

Jewelry CareSara GoldenComment

Opal, October’s birthstone, has been mesmerizing people for thousands of years with its bright flashes of rainbow colors. It’s said to be a stone of prophecy, and symbolizes hope and truth. While beautiful, they are a little sensitive and require some extra care:

They’re porous and will absorb liquids they come across. Avoid cleaning with any chemicals, but instead with room temperature water, mild dish soap, and a soft cloth or brush. Don’t let opals sit in water, and take them off before exercising or showering. 

They’re sensitive to extreme temperatures and humidity (kind of like your skin), so avoid spending too much time right next to fireplaces or outside on especially cold days while wearing them. 

They’re relatively soft, too, so store them in a soft dust bag or plastic baggie so they don’t scratch against your other jewelry. 

But don’t be intimidated! Just keep in mind that they need a slightly delicate touch, and you’ll be able to enjoy your opal jewelry for even longer. Looking for an opal of your own? Try the Birthstone Star Necklace with opal.