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Jewelry CareSara Golden

I can’t live without perfume, but the chemicals in it can cause jewelry to tarnish faster than usual. Disaster! Here are some tips to prevent that from happening:


Put on your jewelry on after you’ve put on perfume, once it’s had a chance to dry. That’s especially true for anything with pearls — they’re especially sensitive and eagerly absorb any chemicals they rub up against.


If you wear necklaces a lot, you might want to avoid perfume at the base of your neck where they’ll come into contact. Instead, spray a brush with perfume before combing. Don’t apply perfume directly to your hair, it tends to dry hair out.


Instead of applying perfume to your wrists where bracelets and watches are, try applying it to the inside of your elbow. Because it’s a pulse point just like your wrists, your body naturally amplifies the scent of perfume there.

Go forth and smell amazing.