Sara Golden Jewelry


Sara Golden jewelry is made using high quality materials and zero shortcuts so you can enjoy it for years. To keep it looking fresh, try the following:

Remove your jewelry before using lotion, perfume, or washing your hands. There are oils and chemicals in them that are great for your skin, but can gunk up your jewelry.

Not trying to tell you how to live, but remove your jewelry before jumping in the shower, taking a swim, or hitting the gym. Long exposure to water, pool chemicals, and sweat can start to break down metal finishes and eat away at some stones.

Clean your pieces with a damp cloth or cotton swab, and definitely not with any chemical cleaners. These chemicals can react with your jewelry and make them turn strange colors.

Store your jewelry in a dust bag or a padded box when you’re not wearing it. When jumbled together, pieces can get tangled or scratch each other.

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The best way to accurately measure your ring size is by visiting a local jeweler and having them do it for you. They've got the tools and years of experience for finding exactly which size you are. If you prefer a more DIY approach, try downloading this chart or visiting this website

Ring sizing



What materials do you use in your jewelry? Sara Golden chooses materials that last, starting with with nickel-free brass that gets plated with genuine 14k gold, 14k rose gold, or rhodium. The plating is extra thick, too, so it will stay looking great for a long time. Styles also feature genuine semi-precious and precious stones for their natural beauty and unique characteristics that can’t be replicated with glass or resin.

The plastic on my earring backing — keep it on or take it off? The plastic on some of the earring backings (called Comfort Clutches) help keep heavier earrings balanced on your ear, preventing them from falling forward. Keep it on to help distribute the weight on your ear.

What’s the allergies situation with your jewelry? Sara Golden makes every effort to use materials that are allergy free — the earring posts and backings are surgical steel and the plating is extra thick to put more distance between your skin and any potential irritants. If you have a specific allergy question or request, contact